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“at a glance”
12,8 millions €

2023 Turnover

+ 500K circuit boards
and electronic products
Annual production
Over 48 years

Industrial electronics

2 to 3 major
New product designs
EN 60601-1
EN 62304
EN 62366
FDA 21CFR820
ISO 14971
48 employees

2023 Headcount

Over 30 years

Medical electronics


48 years in electronic engineering

With a team of 50 in 2020, Maatel has been specializing in electronic engineering for over 45 years. Located in Moirans, near Grenoble, our core activity is electronic engineering. We provide a range of customized electronic services for the industrial sector in France and the international market.

Customized electronic services

We provide a complete design service for electronic products, their industrialization, then mass production.

Our solid expertise is put to good use in many industrial sectors including ENERGY, TRANSPORT, CONSTRUCTION and INDUSTRIAL MARKING.

We are particularly active in the MEDICAL sector, with over 30 years of experience in the field.

MAATEL has ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certification, and provides additional support to our customers with expertise for FDA product accreditation for the American health market.

Scientific Instrumentation: 15 years in the public and private sectors

In 2002, in addition to our electronic service, Maatel began working in the field of scientific instrumentation.

With the Arinax brand, our scientific instrumentation division designs, produces and sells cutting-edge technological equipment for research in the structural biology field.

This development strategy is the result of a rich working relationship between Maatel and the EMBL, a public European institute which conducts research in biology and health.

Maatel has been working hand-in-hand with the EMBL Grenoble instrumentation team for over 15 years. Arinax equipment is internationally recognized for their work in the synchrotron field and structural biology laboratories.

Visit dedicated to scientific instrumentation website :

Our values

Unity and Respect are Maatel’s core founding values.


We operate in a world where economic competition has no limits; as a result unity between the men and women in our company is fundamental. Our Management’s priority is to do our utmost to maintain open dialogue and the desire to work together in our teams, creating the ideal environment for the well-being of each individual employee and our customers’ satisfaction.


Because respect is the basis of any human relationship, the company’s management personally ensures that our employees respect each other and their word, both at an individual level, and when representing the company.

Gerald Lhabitant, C.E.O

Our Ambitions

Since our creation in 1976, Maatel has met many challenges, and gained skills, technological expertise and regulatory knowledge for our different sectors of activity.

Growing our industrial and medical expertise

Enhancing our services and developing our expertise are key to our business development approach.

Based on our strong expertise, our ambition is now to develop innovative solutions to meet new requirements for connectivity in the medical and industrial sectors.

Recruitment and training are essential to our success in this development, as is our network of industrial partnerships. Our most recent collaboration is the European project SERENE IoT which involves both industrials and public hospitals.

Developing our portfolio of scientific instrumentation products

World leader for diffraction equipment for structural biology with synchrotron applications, we now plan to extend the Arinax range to offer preparation platforms for protein crystals via CrystalDirect®, the latest result of our collaboration with the EMBL.

Our plan is to use our expertise and experience to continue developing our range of Arinax products and invest in new research markets via stable innovative partnerships.

Entrepreneurs for 48 years

  1. 1981

    First investment in microprocessors

  2. 1984

    Discovery of stepper-motor technology

  3. 1986

    First mass production of circuit boards

  4. 1991

    Development of energy-efficient electronic products – investment in micro-controllers and C language.

  5. 1995

    ISO 9002 Certification

  6. 1997

    Investment in CE marking (CEM and electrical security).

  7. 19898

    ISO 9001 Certification (V.1994)

  8. 2000

    Initiation of policy for the RoHS directive

  9. 2002

    Creation of the scientific instrumentation division

  10. 2003

    Company Transfer

  11. 2005

    Maatel goes international through the European EUREKA Cluster project and develops its international clientele for both of its activities, electronic engineering and scientific instrumentation.

  12. 2007

    Investment in technology: Embedded LINUX – ARM9.

  13. 2008

    ISO 13485 Certification

  14. 2012

    ISO 14001 Certification

  15. 2013

    Award-winner in the Eurostars program for two European projects

  16. 2014

    MAATEL becomes member of the BPI excellence network

  17. 2016

    MAATEL celebrates their 40th anniversary with customers,
    partners and suppliers.

  18. 2017

    MAATEL becomes member of the European collaborative project SERENE – IoT

  19. 2018

    MAATEL joins the ST program partner

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