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The MINDMAZE augmented reality helmet

Rehabilitation for stroke patients

Following a stroke, rapid rehabilitation allows a patient to recover his motor functions.

Adapted exercises allow the reconstruction of the synapses of the nervous system. This is conditioned by the time elapsed between the accident and the start of the exercises: in fact, if a patient delays in resuming rehabilitation, the risk of failure or partial recovery is increased.

The solution provided by NeuroGoggles

Following a stroke, the challenge is to put in place a rehabilitation method that can be deployed as soon as possible and that maximizes the complete return of the patient’s motor functions, over the shortest possible time.

To meet this challenge, Maatel and Mindmaze worked together to develop NeuroGoggles®, a system combining an augmented reality generator with sensors that detect brain activity (EEG, EOG, EMG, ECG).

This device aims to accelerate and maximize this motor rehabilitation by immersing the patient in a virtual environment where he will be able, simply by the intention to act, to recreate the corresponding synaptic links.

Sensors are used to collect data to assess the effectiveness of rehabilitation and determine whether one exercise should be continued or whether another can/should be initiated.

Maatel’s contribution

For the development of the product, Maatel brought its expertise in electronics and software design to:

Design a flexible electronics (FLEX) allowing the arrangement of the sensors around the patient’s head, constituting an integrated and compact unit

Develop the real-time embedded software

Develop a programmable component (FPGA) for high-speed data processing and transmission (GigEVision)

Synchronize signals with virtual images to view live stimulus responses

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