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Our start-up service

Try a REAL Start-up solution!

En tant que start-up,
travailler avec Maatel,
c’est choisir :

An overall view

YOU need to convert your IDEA into a PRODUCT and sell your solution. Maatel works with you to DESIGN and PRODUCE your device.

We look beyond the prototype, anticipate industrial requirements and aim for mass production of YOUR product.

Our goal is to help you meet YOUR goal: sell a complete product.

TRUE partnership

You need a partner who believes in your project, who is COMPLETELY attentive to your vision and supports you.

Respect and Unity are amongst our core values, and building strong long-term customer relationships is our priority.

Why start-ups
to work with Maatel:

REAL support

Maatel’s offers significant experience to provide you with the support you need for your project: to establish the budget, seek possibilities for co-development and establish financial solutions via our CIR and CII accreditations.

Customer reviews

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