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Our European project

Serene IoT

Maatel is proud to announce its collaboration to the European project “Serene IoT”, which brings together three countries, about fifteen collaborators, European public and industrial organizations, within the same international project . Project Duration 2017-2021.

Serene IoT goals

Serene – IoT stands for “Secured & EneRgy Efficient health-carE solutions for IoT market”. Serene – IoT is a European project led by the EUREKA cluster (Penta Label) leaded by ST Microelectronics.

It aims to develop high quality care services and connected diagnostic tools, based on the use of smart healthcare device in order to meet the new challenges of the hospital environment: cost optimisation, reducing hospital congestion, solving problems of multi-bacterial resistance, etc.

To this end, the Serene IoT project aims to develop efficient tools for remote patient monitoring by healthcare professionals guaranteeing:

Reliability and fast
execution of tasks

Equipment interoperability
and compatibility

Lower patient management
costs than traditional methods

The security and confidentiality
of patient data collected
using these tools

Serene IoT solution

For this project, three clinically evaluated prototypes will be developed addressing three medical challenges.

The challenge of
medical device connectivity

between hospitals, healthcare providers and ambulatory medicine patients. Several needs are to be addressed:

Strengthening outpatient care in order to reduce hospital costs, relieve hospital congestion, improve patient comfort (quality of life) and partly solve the “medical deserts” problem

Security of data collected by connected medical devices to protect patient confidentiality

Standardization of communication protocols enabling all smart medical devices to be compatible with each other and with each actor’s data systems in order to exchange the information collected

Real-time sharing of information between all healthcare stakeholders, enabling excellent responsiveness and allowing each stakeholder to have all the decision-making elements while avoiding the redundancy of medical / biological analyses.

The challenge

of multi-resistant nosocomial bacteria in hospitals by the rapid detection of these bacteria in care areas, especially hospital rooms.


 of the fall-risk of sensitive patients, especially dependent elderly people.

MAATEL’s contribution
to the project

Maatel collaborates with all partners to develop a medical IoT Module that will connect smart medical devices with a secure cloud accessible to all healthcare stakeholders involved in patient care.

The module developed by Maatel with the collaborating companies must be interoperable and compatible with the other two developments relating to the prevention of falls and the detection of multi-resistant bacteria.

As a go-between the devices and the cloud, the module must also guarantee the confidentiality of the data exchanged to the cloud.

Maatel brings all its expertise for the electronics design (hardware and software) in order to provide a functional prototype to be clinically evaluated.

Thanks to its experience as a manufacturer of complete electronics products and integrator of electronic boards for its customers, Maatel is a lead partner in anticipating the industrialization and production phases of the end-product.

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