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CORYS, dynamic simulation

Presentation of Corys

Founded in 1989, Corys is a global reference for training and engineering simulators in the energy, rail and hydrocarbon sectors. Its head office is in Grenoble and has several subsidiaries and joint ventures, notably in the United States and China.

MAATEL develops and manufactures electronic input/output management boards for use in their rail transport simulators and nuclear power plant simulators (control room).

MAATEL and CORYS, a long shared history

Maatel and Corys have been working together for more than 20 years now.

Initially working on hardware interfaces, Maatel broadened its field of action as a solid relationship of trust was being built: low granularity remote module (16-32 channels), “rackable” electronic cards (128 inputs/outputs), touch panels (screen mosaic)…

Maatel’s choice

FB: “The expertise of Maatel’s teams has always been highly appreciated, the technical quality is high, as is the documentary quality. Above all, Maatel’s teams know how to avoid costly over-quality, by offering technical solutions adapted to our problems.

For example, we had a chronoscope with an inverted principle: it required a remote process, while the device that controls the pointer had to be inverted. We needed to design a new approach for the product: Maatel’s solution was to keep the calculator, thus avoiding a big re-study of the product “.

Maatel & Corys: a successful collaboration

All the development and manufacture of electronic input-output boards for railway simulators are carried out by Maatel.

FB: “We know that quality is high, and that we can count on Maatel’s teams to support us on the products after their installation in the simulators. »

Visit Corys’ official website for more information:

Thanks to Mr. Frédéric Bedon, Responsible Engineer at Corys France, for his testimony.

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